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Rating system of 1 – 5.         1 Negative, 3 Neutral, 5 Positive.

Based on Arrival Time, Customer Service & Product.

Rating, 5 – 2/3/2016 Everything arrived on time. IL, New York

Rating, 5 – 1/11/2016 Please don’t ever stop selling this product. (NeuroProtek), Texas

Rating, 5 – 1/11/2016 The product is excellent and the service is, too. Thank you! (NeuroProtek)  MN, Texas

Rating, 5 – 1/10/2016  Item as described. Packaged nicely. Fast ship. Thank you! MK, Minnesota

Rating, 5 – 1/9/2016 I’ve been using this product for a long time and like the others it’s very good. I highly recommend all of them specially for kids.  (NeuroProtek Low Phenol)

12/30/2015 Rating, 5 – I have use this product before and I find it good for my kids. The price is terrific I will continue using it (NeuroProtek) RG, New York

Rating, 5 – 12/5/2015 A+++++ (NeuroProtek Low Phenol) RC, Florida

Rating, 5 – 11/25/2015 First time I bought some from them, and was perfect.  (NeuroProtek) JT, Canada

Rating, 5 – 11/22/2015 very good product, got it in a short time, thanks! (NeuroProtek) DP, Florida

Rating, 5 – 11/22/2015 Great Product. Excellent Service.  (NeuroProtek) RC, South Africa

Rating, 5 – 10/31/2015 Some of the fastest shipping on Amazon. I’m continually impressed each time I place an order. CM, Nebraska

Rating, 5 – 10/18/2015 Excellent seller, as always! MB, PhD, Brazil – NeuroProtek

Rating, 5 – 9/13/2015 THANKS, MN, Australia – NeuroProtek Low Phenol

Rating, 5 – 9/13/15  Great Product !!!!! The Best !!!!  CS, California – FibroProtek

Rating, 5  – 9/13/15  Great Product. GREAT Seller. Thank you !!!!

Rating, 5 – 8/22/15 Prompt, efficient service. DS, Wisconsin – NeuroProtek Low Phenol

Rating, 5 – 8/2/15   I am very, very pleased with this product and with the service provided by this seller. Thank you.                                  DN, Texas – NeuroProtek

Rating, 5 – 7/27/15 Smooth transaction. The exact product I use and a fair price. YF, Texas – NeuroProtek Low Phenol

Rating, 5 – 7/20/15 Delivered as Expected. PC, Indiana – NeuroProtek Low Phenol

Rating, 5 – 7/12/15 Prompt. DA, Florida – NeuroProtek

Rating, 5 – 6/29/15 Great service. MD, Illinois – NeuroProtek

Rating, 5 – 6/28/15 Couldn’t be happier with this company. JS, Texas – NeuroProtek

Rating 5 – 6/28/15 Quality product, fast service. BJ, Georgia – NeuroProtek

Rating 5 – 6/23/15 Rapid Delivery. SD, Wisconsin – NeuroProtek Low Phenol

Rating 5 – 6/15/15 Excellent product with prompt and accurate service.  Thank you.  MN, Texas – NeuroProtek Low Phenol

Rating 5 – 6/5/15 Nice nice nice! MF, Illinois – NeuroProtek Low Phenol

Rating 5 – 6/2/15 Arrived as described very satisfied. LS, Australia – NeuroProtek Low Phenol

Rating 5 – 5/5/15 Great Product, fast shipping. MM, Nevada – NeuroProtek

Rating 5 – 5/1/15 I love NeuroProtek. I’ve been on it a year now and have significantly improved. CE, Texas – NeuroProtek LP

Rating 5 – 4/26/15 There was a problem with the shipment, which was no fault of the seller. I contacted Algonot. They not only called; they shipped an additional order with a 2-day priority shipping. This the company to do business with. Customer service comes first. First rate. Thank you to Algonot. SB, Tennessee

1/13/15 I purchase 3-4 month supplies regularly and I am satisfied with this product. AB in New York – NeuroProtek Low Phenol.